The Right Social Media KPI’s Businesses Should Measure

Taking the concept of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to the very basic level of understanding, it will give an exact idea about how to set realistic goals for social media and what metrics to measure and when.
In every business there is a sales funnel, which actually makes a lot of sense when it Read More

The Live Webinar Experience with eSpark Viridian

I was travelling when I received a call from Komal, and this time I picked up immediately because we were playing hide and seek from quite a long to time to speak to each other. She suggested the idea of arranging a live webinar to help understand some advanced concepts of social media for startup entrepreneurs Read More

Story behind the Logo – Designs Define You



A person travels through various phases in life. Experiences, adventures, struggles, and successes – every emotion teaches something that makes a person who he / she  really is.

With this note, I would like to share my new work goals and why I felt the need to define my role in this very Read More

11 Reasons to Date a Social Media Professional

date a social media expert

Social Media is a buzzword today. Everyone, in a way or other is connected to or through it. And is it not gold if your better half is a Social Media expert, who understands the nuances of the virtual world? And then you may ask, “What’s in it for me?” Well, here is your answer, the reason why you Read More

Be Social But Be Safe

Today I am writing something that is very disturbing to me when I hear about the misuse of these new technologies. Social Networking websites are built to get social and build new relations, connect with people, know them, have your own community, and simply create your network of friends, family and Read More

Social Media Marketing Ideas from the West

Hi, its my first blog post on the very first day of my trip to USA. Actually I have been here twice before but I never thought of writing down my daily experience into a blog post. This interesting idea struck when I was packing my bags and thought that how am I going to share pictures with friends on Read More

7 reasons Why every MOM should use Pinterest

Pinterest is a little less used social media platform compared to Facebook, But it can be an amazing platform for all the MOMS out there. Today’s blog article is dedicated to my MOM who loves to use social media and is an eager learner to experience each social media platform. So, here I would love to Read More

Ph.D. in Social Media

 I often come across a question – How can one do a Ph.D. is Social Media? That is so Awesome.. Can you tell me how to go for it? And that’s when I feel so good about my decision to have chosen this awesome area of study (that I am even passionate about). 
2 and half years back when I had selected Read More