1 Easy Rule to understand Social Media Marketing
May 19, 2012
This is a connected world of people. People can never stay without being social. The society around you gives you various kind of information, makes you aware about different products and services. All this information we use it everyday, every second of our life. And in terms of traditional marketing, we call it WOM – Word of Mouth. 
This Word of Mouth spread online and digitally, through social channels is called Social Media Marketing. Isn’t it amazing to get reviews and feedback about almost everything on this earth from the people you know and sometimes from strangers too. This way, unknowingly, we also connect to unknown people, get acquainted, and make new friends all over the world. As we increase our network of people, these products and services too get the word out from us and spreads across the boundaries.
I have explained the term “Social Media Marketing” with a simple graphics and a definition. Take a look and do tell me how is it. 

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