11 Reasons to Date a Social Media Professional
April 18, 2016

date a social media expert

Social Media is a buzzword today. Everyone, in a way or other is connected to or through it. And is it not gold if your better half is a Social Media expert, who understands the nuances of the virtual world? And then you may ask, “What’s in it for me?” Well, here is your answer, the reason why you must date a Social Media Professional:

#1 They are great Conversationalists:

Why to date a social media professional

You may never have to worry about starting a conversation. As a social media professional, they have mastered the art of opening lines and they can talk on variety of interesting topics, facts and cases. If caught unaware, they can craftily dodge the topic and further carry on the conversation smoothly. Be prepared to receive refreshing replies to mundane questions like, “How was your day today?” Instead, You’ll always get to know great insights on what the world is up to and get recommended to funny YouTube videos to cheer you up after your long and tiring stressful day at work.

#2 They are always prepared for a Change:

Ready for change

Social Media is full of surprises and lot of things changes every minute. So, the social media professional is always prepared for a last minute crisis, like change of plans from the client or it may be ever transient online environment. Be it a holiday plan, luncheon date, movie plans, they will make sure that there’s always a back-up strategy ready or a middle way out to strike a WIN-WIN.

#3 They are attentive Listeners:

i am listening

Every successful social media professional is a great listener, because they need to pay attention to customer’s key points, goals, targets, and their challenges. Their Social media campaign differs client-to-client. Active & attentive listening makes them a cool partner.

#4 They are always full of resources:

always ready with resources

They are masters of listicles and always have all the important lists handy like, people to contact in emergency, calendars and to-do lists, organisations to contact for different purposes, etc. You may not have to worry, if you missed marking your doctor’s appointment in your calendar, they have got all covered for you.

#5 You’ll always receive most creative gifts:


A social media professional is 24 by 7 creative and always thinks on feet and out of the box for every occasion. They will never fail to surprise you with their super creative gifts and treats.

#6 They’re a big time crisis saviour:


Do you often get stuck when choosing the right coupon code for online shopping? Or are you searching for ‘home stay’ while visiting a long work trip? Well, you do not have to worry about that when you’re dating a social media professional as they have access to all the free apps and tools which aids in making life easier.

#7 They’ll take you to places, the world have never seen before:

seeing things first time

Social media researches and online recommendations have made them expert explorers. And, hence they will be amongst those few people who will always come up with brilliant ideas for Holiday destinations, Restaurants, Getaways, cheapest shopping areas and everything else.

#8 You’ll get an honest & upfront answer:

honest and upfront

They can never keep you in dark about their whereabouts. Wherever they go or whatever they do, it shall always be updated on their social profiles along with with Selfies and Group-fies. Hence, no lies or hiding and you can totally trust what they are saying. Also, their quick and upfront response will be an added advantage.

#9 You can get freebies often:

freebies happiness

In routine, every social media professional attends various events and seminars, tweet and ‘live’ tweet shows and campaigns. Oft-times ‘Brands’ send them cool gifts and freebies as a ‘Thank You’ gesture. Now, Don’t be surprised if they treat you with a movie premiere, accompanied with candlelight dinner. Also, you’ll never be out of stock for T-shirts and coffee mugs.

#10 They are multi-taskers:


Social Media professional proudly wears lot of hats at a same time. In their early years they have done it all -from SEO to content writing, research to analytics, photography to Photoshop and project management. Their multi-tasking can be a great help for you too.

#11 They are wonderful relationship builders:

relationship builders

They can empathise with you by placing themselves easily in your shoes in order to understand the gravity of situation which you face. They know how to mix up and can break ice easily with your parents and siblings, friends and colleagues. They have an excellent people’s skill. They are good at marketing, public relations, branding, promotions and humanising the brand. All these skills matter a lot in personal life too.

So now you know why to date a Social Media Professional and if you are already dating one, you know you are the lucky one. 

Media credits: Taken from internet | Article editor : Irfan Ali

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