12 Most Important Twitter Tools for Entrepreneurs
September 25, 2012

As an entrepreneur, it becomes essential to capture traffic coming from inside Twitter.com because it is cost free. We all know the basics of twitter and how to use it. But how effectively are you putting this tool for capturing your market and creating a circle of customer engagement. 

Twitter is a network which shares information in small pieces. And so there are various other tools to monitor your Twitter account. I have compiled a short list of 12 most important tools, that every entrepreneur should consider using at least some of them for monitoring and managing conversations on Twitter
  1. TwileshareUpload and share files on Twitter with your clients, customers, employees, and other important contacts instantly. This makes your work instant and on-the-go easy. 
  2. Vizify TweetSheetYour Twitter activity is displayed as an instant infographic. It displays your information in an easy and attractive way, forcing anyone to go through your content.
  3. TweetMyJobsGreat job matches via Twitter (and mobile). It is a great tool for HR managers of your firm, reducing recruiting costs at large.
  4. TwupsTwitter aggregator. Popular topics are clubbed all in one place so that you can monitor the topics relevant to your business and track it who is discussing them. You can also work on your online keyword strategy for your website.
  5. TwitterFeedFeed your blog to Twitter. One of the most important tools. Reduce your tweet burden by just creating a tweeterfeed account and sync it with your blog or other blogs of your interest.
  6. Nearby TweetsFind and watch tweets from local users. This will enable you to see who are tweet about you in the nearby area and you can reach up to them for off – line conversations.
  7. TweetLevelAn influence measurement tool from Edelman. This tool measures your brand influence and will give you a score. How influential are you among your competitors and customers.
  8. Tweet ScanTwitter and micro blog search. Search and capture relevant people, groups, topics, locations, etc.
  9. TwitalyzerSerious analytics for social relationships. It is an interesting tool, some what similar to Google Analytics, helps you to see how many followers are online on real time, who retweets your message, what people are talking about you, followers and following statistics etc.
  10. TwitBlockWith TwitBlock, find out how many followers are spam and you can trash them, so that they do not clutter your account and you can get better statistics about your followers.
  11. SplitweetIt is a most useful twitter tool if your firm has more than one brand to manage on twitter. Splitweet is Management + brand monitoring for multiple Twitter accounts tool helping you manage all your brands at one place.
  12. BirdHerd Twitter made easy for groups and teams. BirdHerd helps communication among your team mates and group conversations. It’s like your own small community inside twitter, which helps you carry out important meetings, conversations, quick polling among team mates and much more. 

Hope this list is useful. I would love to hear your reviews. 


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