4 Proven Strategies to Create and Increase Engagement on Twitter – Tips and Tactics
July 12, 2012
” Twitter is an Information Network ” says the Twitter Expert – Keith Keller. My recent conversation with him brought this idea to write about the “4 Proven Strategies to Create and Increase Engagement on Twitter”. Have you ever imagined how powerful Twitter is? Almost all celebrities, politicians, Multinational Companies, Business Leaders, Society Leaders and so many other individuals are using Twitter to communicate, share ideas, promote offerings, and even to express their grievances.
So I thought to share my views to help people understand 4 simple ways of “How to achieve Engagement on Twitter”. As we see, today what matters is “Creating Engagement” rather than just creating your social media profile and sit idle, doing nothing. One needs to communicate with other people and start the thread of conversations. 
But, it is not so easy to create a powerful Engagement. Customer Engagement need lots of efforts and creativity. Let me show you those 4 magical strategies through which one can achieve Social Engagement on Twitter. 
Tip # 1. Increase FOLLOWERS 
Most tiresome job is to increase your follower base on Twitter. You go on following people but you end up having no followers for your self. This situation is common among people who see twitter as instant connection making machine. 
Tactic #1 : To implement Tip # 1, The most important thing to understand here is that Twitter is an Information network and as soon as you give useful information, people starts following you. One needs to give regular updates via Tweets and should be consistent in giving that small piece of information. Only then you will end up having many twitter followers.
Tip # 2. More RE-TWEETS
Tactic # 2 : You can get “More Retweets” by posting unique and quality content which catches the eye of the reader. Content with no quality will end up having 0 retweets. Your Tweet should be catchy, qualitative, informative, and should be posted timely. More retweets will create ripples of your information and will reach out to more people. 
Tip # 3. Increase REACH    
Tactic # 3: Creating more “Reach” of your content, can be achieved through your own “Followers” and other people present on the network. One needs to respond to what people are asking, give advises in your area of interest, talk more and influence them to share your content frequently and consistently. 
Tip # 4. Create & Increase ENGAGEMENT
Tactic # 4 : Engagement = More Reach + More Followers + More Retweets. 
Engagement is the ultimate goal of any company or firm. If you achieve Interactive Customer Engagement then you are a winner, because what else do you need when your customers talk with you and with other customers and talk about your Brand and carry forward the positive word of mouth all over the internet. Successful Engagement is the Key to your Success. 
The most important factor for which all businesses strive for is MORE ENGAGEMENT. and to achieve more engagement, one needs to build up its base by creating other three things – that is More Followers creating More Retweets, which will create More Reach..
So, start utilizing these 4 simple strategies to create and increase Engagement on Twitter. Let me know how you do it and drop me your views.

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