#5 Awesome Ways to Increase Interaction and Conversation with Your Audience
December 11, 2012
Interaction and valuable conversation is often a key to drive your business. Managing those interactions is also quite important. Online conversations happening these days need proper direction to manage it and getting most out of it. Here are some awesome & simple ways to increase your online interactions and conversations with your audience. 

1.       Use  Videos to engage 

Interact audio-visually through creating your own videos. People love watching videos. There is no need to make expert quality videos. People will love the raw content, coming out fresh from your premises.    

2.       Tell Stories about your brand

There are great tools to create stories like – Storify. Use these tools and express your brand story. Use your customer recommendations that are received on twitter or facebook, quote them on your stories and make them famous. They will love it and even appreciate you. Share your messages through short stories and don’t forget to insert images because a picture says a thousand words.   

3.       Conducts Visual Contests

To increase interactions with your audience, indulge them in attractive activities like conducting visual contests on Pinterest and Instagram. Instagram is great for mobile internet users and also a great tool to conduct mobile contests. Organizing Contests is a great idea to know your customers well, get their feedback, and co-creating content with them.  

4.       Share news and updates regularly with pictures

Share your company news, ratings, information, events, etc on social media using related images and photographs. This is a great way to start a conversation about something that you are informing them. When you get some likes on the stuff you post, start a conversation in the comments section and engage them in it. 

5.       Celebrate every occasion of the world

World is your market now. Your potential customer may be anywhere in the world. So send wishes on every occasion, happy or sad. Caring for your audience is very much important. This is a great way to “Humanise” your brand and making people realise that you care for everybody.

So, here is my info-graphic saying everything that I wrote above. Enjoy & feel free to Share it ! 

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