Being Social in Social Media
April 28, 2012
Social Media is been explained by many experts and specialized people in the media and social media industry. Today, I am not going to explain “what is Social Media” but rather just want to express my understanding the essence of Social Media. 

Here is what i have made to express my understanding in some simple and interesting way. 

In the above infographic, I have explained a very simple fact.
Conversations and people are the main essence of Social Media, which makes this medium “a Social place”. 

Have you ever questioned why this medium is called social media? If its just internet then why can’t it be called Online Media ??

Answer is – 
 “Socialization” which happens on Internet and gives people a chance to interact in real time with real people and real organizations is the only thing which makes this Space of Internet a “LIVE SPACE” 

Hence, what matters is 3 basic things :
1.   YOU as an initiator of conversation 
2.   PEOPLE with whom you share your views and take their views in return 
3.   CONVERSATION which happens between YOU & PEOPLE, making the internet a LIVE SPACE

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