Brand Yourself on Social Media – #13 Small Ways
December 18, 2012

Branding is important for all, whether you are a student, a professional, or a business. In this connected world, chances are higher that someone will Google you before meeting you face to face for professional meetings or even for matrimonial purposes. If your online brand does not depict who you actually are, then may be you are in deep trouble. 
Social Media has changed the way people use to market themselves in traditional forms. No doubt traditional mediums like business cards, websites, and other promotional materials are still used widely for personal branding and are also important. The point here is that social media brings the true personality out of a person and one cannot lie or deviate from what is being showcased on it. The thoughts and views that you represent on social media depicts your likes, dislikes, thought process, skills, etc. Your social netiquettes represents your offline personality. Likewise, the things that you share with your network reflects your likings and behaviour. Hence, it is very important that one should Brand themselves on Social Media. 
How you can brand yourself on social media?

 Here are some useful ways:

  1. Use your name on all social media sites. Keep your name similar everywhere. This will help people identify you easily. 
  2. Use your own photo instead of some vague picture. Help people to recognize you. This increases the credibility and trust factor. If possible use the same profile picture everywhere. This will again help other people identify you easily. 
  3. Write up a catchy “Headline” for your self. and keep it same everywhere. 
  4. Be consistent in your postings. Share your knowledge with the world and let them know what you do and how you do it regularly. 
  5. Blogging is the best tool for Branding. Your thoughts can be easily shared. 
  6. Cross promote the stuff that you express through multiple sharing on every social website that you use.    
  7. Proofread your content before you click on ‘share button’. Old school etiquette of grammar, punctuations, spellings, etc still matter a lot. Even when you are using “U” instead of “YOU” is taken as a bad manners when you are blogging or posting professional stuff. 
  8. Never forget your basic manners of “Courtesy”. When someone if following you on Twitter, retweeting your tweet, Liking your Facebook page or post, Mentioning your name, etc that shows they are taking interest in your stuff. Send them a “Thank you” message or note, appreciate their efforts and reciprocate their care. It shows that you care for your audience. If you are posting as a Business, than it humanizes your business. 
  9. Follow your interests on social media. Follow interest groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Start engaging conversations. 
  10. Use Hash Tags for grabbing the attention and making the topic of your interest a “trending topic”. 
  11. Activate Google Alerts for your self on the topics that interest you. It will help you curate your content and also share important news and highlights with your network. 
  12. Honesty is the best policy. Never lie about anything on Social Media. 
  13. It’s not always about YOU. It’s about people in your network. Don’t promote yourself too much on social media. Share your skills, knowledge, success secrets, tips, etc and people will appreciate you.

I hope this short list of small things will help you Brand Yourself on Social Media. 

Enjoy being Brand You !   

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