How to Weave Social Media into your Business – “The WEAVE Model”
Hello Folks, Once again I am here to help you with "How you can deal with Social Media". Today, I want to introduce my WEAVE model, which explains "5 factors of Social Media" which should be woven in the organization's people, communications, departments, stakeholders and even the non material things like paintings, hoardings, etc. Weaving these 5 factors everywhere in the organization will help you make your objectives more clear and transparent. Every strategy that you...
June 23, 2012
Who uses what for being Social – Indian Celebrities
Are you crazy for Bollywood & Cricket? Do you know which gadget your favourite celebrities use to hook up on Social Media Sites?Here is a great Info Graphic for all you Bollywood & Cricket Lovers.. Go ahead and enjoy this post.  Source:
April 22, 2012
How to get FAMOUS on TWITTER – Ask the Twitter Guru “Keith Keller”
Keith Keller - Twitter Guru                                                      On one fine evening, I was searching some best personalities on internet from whom I can learn more about Social Media and Social Media best practices in real world for my Ph.D. work. And the first connection I made was with the Guru himself - Mr. Keith...
April 16, 2012
A Preliminary Study On Issues And Challenges Faced In Measurement Of Social Media Return On Investment
I am glad to share my exploratory research work, which was published in IJAR. The CFO, CEO, and CMO of any organization would be remiss if they did not account for spending and resource allocation for social media. MarketingProfs published a study in 2009 by Bazaarvoice and the CMO Club that revealed the true expectation of chief marketing officers (Figure 1, below). The bottom line was – They wanted measurable results from social media. This shows that...
April 14, 2012