The Right Social Media KPI’s Businesses Should Measure
Taking the concept of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to the very basic level of understanding, it will give an exact idea about how to set realistic goals for social media and what metrics to measure and when. In every business there is a sales funnel, which actually makes a lot of sense when it comes to understanding the customer journey with a brand. At the most wider opening of a funnel is the public - an...
November 20, 2016
Social Media Marketing Ideas from the West
Hi, its my first blog post on the very first day of my trip to USA. Actually I have been here twice before but I never thought of writing down my daily experience into a blog post. This interesting idea struck when I was packing my bags and thought that how am I going to share pictures with friends on facebook while am travelling. This thought concluded in deciding that not only pictures but I would...
June 19, 2013
12 Most Important Twitter Tools for Entrepreneurs
As an entrepreneur, it becomes essential to capture traffic coming from inside because it is cost free. We all know the basics of twitter and how to use it. But how effectively are you putting this tool for capturing your market and creating a circle of customer engagement.  Twitter is a network which shares information in small pieces. And so there are various other tools to monitor your Twitter account. I have compiled a short...
September 25, 2012
3 Major updations in Social Media Geography
Hello Friends, Today, I am sharing very important thing for all social media lovers and practitioners. Are your social media marketing strategies based on current platform scenario ? Well there some changes in the landscape and I think all should take these three major adaptations into their social media marketing strategies. Lets take a look on the infographic that I have prepared on the basis of information by Fred Cavazza.   
July 28, 2012
How to Weave Social Media into your Business – “The WEAVE Model”
Hello Folks, Once again I am here to help you with "How you can deal with Social Media". Today, I want to introduce my WEAVE model, which explains "5 factors of Social Media" which should be woven in the organization's people, communications, departments, stakeholders and even the non material things like paintings, hoardings, etc. Weaving these 5 factors everywhere in the organization will help you make your objectives more clear and transparent. Every strategy that you...
June 23, 2012
1 Easy Rule to understand Social Media Marketing
This is a connected world of people. People can never stay without being social. The society around you gives you various kind of information, makes you aware about different products and services. All this information we use it everyday, every second of our life. And in terms of traditional marketing, we call it WOM - Word of Mouth. This Word of Mouth spread online and digitally, through social channels is called Social Media Marketing. Isn't it amazing...
May 19, 2012
Social Media Statistics of India
Want to know which Brands engage more in Social Media in 2012?Here is a great Info Graphic to give you lots of data.This Infographic has been designed by Socialbakers. 
April 22, 2012
How to get FAMOUS on TWITTER – Ask the Twitter Guru “Keith Keller”
Keith Keller - Twitter Guru                                                      On one fine evening, I was searching some best personalities on internet from whom I can learn more about Social Media and Social Media best practices in real world for my Ph.D. work. And the first connection I made was with the Guru himself - Mr. Keith...
April 16, 2012