Do we actually know how to use Twitter?
We are almost addicted to FACEBOOK. First thing that we do in mornings is to check whether or not any notifications are there on it, and then we step into bathrooms. For Twitter, the scenario is almost different. Many surveys have been done on How Indians Consume Twitter. The facts state that still majority of the people figuring out what to do with Twitter. [Well, This was my own state in 2009 ;-)] But, luckily I...
February 8, 2013
7 Impressive Free Tools to Create a “Brand YOU”
Have you spend a huge amount on online branding? Well, then you have still ignored Social Media. This article will brief you with few websites that really helps in branding yourself and your business. These tools are free forever. They are impressively awesome. Brand My MailEmail continues to be one of the most important digital communities. ‘Brand My Mail’ personalises your e-mail with Headers, Background, Signatures, Social sharing applications, Twitter tweets, Images, and many other applications....
February 3, 2013
Brand Yourself on Social Media – #13 Small Ways
Branding is important for all, whether you are a student, a professional, or a business. In this connected world, chances are higher that someone will Google you before meeting you face to face for professional meetings or even for matrimonial purposes. If your online brand does not depict who you actually are, then may be you are in deep trouble. Social Media has changed the way people use to market themselves in traditional forms. No doubt traditional...
December 18, 2012
#5 Awesome Ways to Increase Interaction and Conversation with Your Audience
Interaction and valuable conversation is often a key to drive your business. Managing those interactions is also quite important. Online conversations happening these days need proper direction to manage it and getting most out of it. Here are some awesome & simple ways to increase your online interactions and conversations with your audience. 1.       Use  Videos to engage  Interact audio-visually through creating your own videos. People love watching videos. There is no need to make expert quality...
December 11, 2012
Twitter for Entrepreneurs – Interview with Keith Keller
Amazing conversation with Keith Keller from Melbourne, Australia gave me deep insights on how can one use Twitter for sharing their message. So, I thought why not share his thoughts with my network and give them a chance to listen him, straight away from Australia. I have already written about Keith Keller earlier in my previous posts. Also, He runs a much demanded programme - Crack the Twitter Code. Recently, Keith also wrote a book on "Twitter...
September 24, 2012
The making of Konvophilia
The most interesting and fascinating thing for me is to create something on my own. In my childhood, I used to create art works out of materials lying idle at home. I always used to make my projects look creative. That's because creativity resides in my basic nature. Everything I do, should be compulsorily with a flair of creative touch with perfection. I wanted to share a story of one of my most important creation and so...
September 23, 2012
3 Major updations in Social Media Geography
Hello Friends, Today, I am sharing very important thing for all social media lovers and practitioners. Are your social media marketing strategies based on current platform scenario ? Well there some changes in the landscape and I think all should take these three major adaptations into their social media marketing strategies. Lets take a look on the infographic that I have prepared on the basis of information by Fred Cavazza.   
July 28, 2012
4 Proven Strategies to Create and Increase Engagement on Twitter – Tips and Tactics
" Twitter is an Information Network " says the Twitter Expert - Keith Keller. My recent conversation with him brought this idea to write about the "4 Proven Strategies to Create and Increase Engagement on Twitter". Have you ever imagined how powerful Twitter is? Almost all celebrities, politicians, Multinational Companies, Business Leaders, Society Leaders and so many other individuals are using Twitter to communicate, share ideas, promote offerings, and even to express their grievances. So I...
July 12, 2012