How to Weave Social Media into your Business – “The WEAVE Model”
June 23, 2012
Hello Folks, Once again I am here to help you with “How you can deal with Social Media”. Today, I want to introduce my WEAVE model, which explains “5 factors of Social Media” which should be woven in the organization’s people, communications, departments, stakeholders and even the non material things like paintings, hoardings, etc. Weaving these 5 factors everywhere in the organization will help you make your objectives more clear and transparent. Every strategy that you make will reflect these 5 things and make your business and its stakeholders stick to you forever.

Let me just explain you my model with an interesting info-graphic, which i have made. I have called this Model “The Weave Model” because strong weaving makes the fabric strong and it is ingrained in roots. Much without wait, here is my WEAVE model of Social Media.

The 5 Factors – “Word of Mouth, Engage & Empower Relations, Authenticity & transparency, Value & Trust, Emotional connect “, if woven in your social media or digital communications, will also ensure standardization in every strategy made offline. Social Media needs more attention because customers are watching you and you need to be alert where to respond, how to respond and most importantly how quick to respond.

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