My compilation of 4 W’s and 1 H of Social Media !!
March 26, 2012

Once again, I have come up with this topic of social media. But this time its more like a review. 4 W’s are What, Why, When and Where, while the 1 H is How. From long time i was trying to come out with something as simple as possible version of understanding how can one understand social media and most importantly how it can be implemented for one’s business.
The questions I have to answer here are:
1. What is Social Media ?
2. Why it is important ?
3. Where should you be present on social media?
4. When should you do social media marketing/promotions ?
5. How should you go about it?
These questions are the common FAQ among many people. So I thought why not to compile a good collection and present it with good graphics and infographics to make it more interesting read. So here it is ! Just CLICK on the link below, Save it, Share it, and Enjoy it.
Stay konnected !!

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