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November 5, 2016



A person travels through various phases in life. Experiences, adventures, struggles, and successes – every emotion teaches something that makes a person who he / she  really is.

With this note, I would like to share my new work goals and why I felt the need to define my role in this very chaotic world where everyone is trying to stand out, where everyone has a power of social and where everything is hashtagged.

Since the day I was fascinated by the ever evolving social media world, till today – the long 8 eight years, I must have shared my understandings, learnings, research findings, knowledge, opinions and advises about social media and related themes either through offline or online mode. Being an educator by profession and a Doctorate in Social Media, I love educating and sharing the knowledge I have acquired either through reading, experiencing, observing and practising it myself.

And what’s best than a social platform to share because it stays on social forever. I keep updating my offline activities through sharing pictures and brief write-ups. But this was not felt enough due to many reasons.

  1. Small posts lack details and clarity of concepts & thought processes.
  2. Students are always in need of a proper reference resource.
  3. Professionals need brief pointers with crisp explanations.
  4. Brands have a need for credibility.
  5. Entrepreneurs and startups require ‘How-to’ and D-I-Y details.
Hence, “The idea” to launch a customised approach for all the above mentioned reasons. I proudly present my NEW PERSONAL IDENTITY ! Its much more than a Logo. It defines the message that conveys my personal brand story. Let me put it down step wise.
At the first look, what you would prominently see is a ’triangle’. Lot of logo psychologists & experts have defined the meanings and symbolisms of a Triangle. For me, the triangle is all about Balance, Growth and Creativity. The triangle later expands to alphabet K from its each side, which brings every energy of the triangle to me, making a complete sense of shape symbolisms connecting to my name’s initial letter. The logo completes itself with My Name and Role.
New Defined Role:
I am the link between education and industry. I teach social media and run my own social media strategic consulting business. And so the title – Social Media – Edu(cator)-(entre)Preneur – EduPreneur !
This makes me everything between both the roles and I can be purposeful to wider means. With this new role & determination to be more than just a logo, I would be writing lot of articles in this personal blog every week and update you all on social media. Articles and write-ups would be my experiences of events, travels, social media knowledge, interviews, new learnings and much more.
Before signing off, let me ask – Are you a triangle person like me? I would love to know your personal brand story too!

Logo Creation Credits: Harsh Lakhotia from Socialee | He helped brilliantly in creating the exact visuals of my thought process and ideation. You can contact him through

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