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I was travelling when I received a call from Komal, and this time I picked up immediately because we were playing hide and seek from quite a long to time to speak to each other. She suggested the idea of arranging a live webinar to help understand some advanced concepts of social media for startup entrepreneurs associated with eSpark Viridian. Komal is a senior enabler at eSpark Viridian and my good friend who I got to know during The Social Conclave 2016 event. It was her enthusiastic approach and professional attitude yet friendly nature that instantly connected me with her. This is how we connect with people offline, converse with them online and collaborate for our future projects.


Komal arranged this Live webinar on Social Media Marketing for the entrepreneurs community and as it was not possible for me to travel to GIFT city Gandhinagar to their corporate office for the webinar, she arranged it online through GoToMeeting platform. Even the entrepreneurs joining this webinar were to talk from Noida, Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra and many other places.

Well, after all the formal introductions with all the fellow entrepreneurs, I started talking on ‘Effective Social Media Management for Startup Entrepreneurs’ I had obviously made a small presentation and shared my screen so that whatever I speak, makes sense. Here is the link for you : social-media-management
There were some very valid questions from the community that I thought to share through this post so that it helps even other entrepreneurs in their journey to promote their startups through social media platforms. (I have clubbed the questions that had similar logics in the answers so as to avoid duplication)
Q1. How can one find reliable medium for online advertisement?
One of the startup has a challenge that they are unable to convert their google ad words campaign and their Facebook page boost was not that beneficial. Well, every marketing activity requires the business to first identify your –
  • Marketing Goals
  • Target Audience
  • Preferred Action


A marketing medium is reliable when you know your target audience uses that medium and are active participants on that medium with their conversations and reactions. Social media platforms are like huge online meeting grounds, which has to be treated only like a meeting ground and not like a sales machine. When you decide to use certain platform, make sure your audience are present there, listen them, make efforts to solve their problems and just be there for them.


First Rule of Social : Give Give Give ! Don’t expect them to buy your products just because you have created a Facebook page or twitter handle. You are there to serve them, to answer their queries, to give them something more than your offerings, and to listen them when they are confused, angry, delighted or curious. One has to always keep researching about changing customer preferences and their reactions on social. This will help you monitor the reliable medium for online advertisements.


Q2. How to convert social media followers to actual paying customers?


It’s a process and it won’t happen overnight. When you are building your followers and community on social media on your official pages and accounts, you keep a tab on who is following you, what do they do for a living, where are they from, what are their likes and dislikes, their pain points and their worries, etc. Knowing your followers is the first step.


When you know your audience, initiate personalised contact. Connect with them over email or through private message on social media. There are numerous ways to initiate a conversation. Welcome them to your network, make a personalised message, or thank them for following you. If your product is about some Home care solution, you can even ask about their most worrying issue in home care segment. Make sure that you don’t sell to them your products but just try to understand their worries.


Engage your audience with your creative and unique content. Don’t let them get bored with your promotional and advertisements. Offer them something worth sharing with their own community, give them fun and interactive contests, make them feel valued with your Birthdays and special occasion announcements and surprises.


The last tip: Consistency and loyalty. If you want your followers to convert and be loyal to you, then show them your loyalty first and how consistent you are in giving them your time, efforts, value and concerns. Show your true worth in your customers life and then expect them to buy your products and services. As we all say, consistency is the key, this is the most difficult task of all to make your followers love you and keep coming back to you for their needs and requirements. If this is achieved, your audience becomes your brand ambassadors and keep bringing you new users with them each time.


Q3. How to generate engaging content for your audience consistently?


Look for ideas within your own network of stakeholders. There are numerous ways to keep flooded with engaging content for your audience on social media. Let me list down some very awesome ideas for content generation that can work in every industry.

  • Brainstorm with your team every week on major issues (Team members who are in direct contact with the customers/clients everyday)
  • Partipate and host twitter chats and twitter contests
  • Co-create content with contests
  • Curate the data or information
  • Collate the data from social media over any of the issue and present it in an interesting formats like info-graphic or charts or video, etc
  • Refurbish the old content in new ways through creative applications
  • Make raw video clips of inside story or introduce a new team member or celebrate some of your success, etc
  • Show your concerns over global issues like environment, gender inequality, etc and keep doing your bits towards it, involve your audience to contribute in any way
  • Refer to trending hashtags for new content ideas
  • Create google alerts for keeping tab on your industry update and create content on those updates
  • Keep your offline activities updated on online platforms, your audience do care about human inside the brand
  • Grab the opportunity to be always creative and quick over any of the huge interest of your community like any particular sports game, political debate, movie launch etc.


These are some of the situations that keep happening round the clock each year and one can make their content calendars full with creating and curating exciting content revolving the same. Invest in creative heads for your brand and get the work done from them. Social needs to be fuelled up with unique and outstanding concepts and content to sincerely be different from competitors and constantly active users.


These were some really good questions that I thought to address through this post and I hope it will help many others to understand the real nature of social and how to treat it for your business and marketing. The webinar not only proved beneficial for the entrepreneurs, but also for me because I got to network with them and learn their social media challenges, which got me into writing this useful blog post.


Until my next experience or content idea, Stay Connected !

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  1. its really an eye-opener to all startups. Thank you! Mam.

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