The making of Konvophilia
September 23, 2012
The most interesting and fascinating thing for me is to create something on my own. In my childhood, I used to create art works out of materials lying idle at home. I always used to make my projects look creative. That’s because creativity resides in my basic nature. Everything I do, should be compulsorily with a flair of creative touch with perfection. 

I wanted to share a story of one of my most important creation and so I thought to write about it. Well, in this age of new media, most popularly known as ‘social media’, every person has an opportunity to create a world of their own. So, I too created my Facebook page just because I wanted to create the world of my own thoughts and passions. 

Being Leo along with creative mind, anything I do is with deep passion and strong will. Hence, for me, the Facebook page also needed to be like a perfect identity, having proper objectives and a unique place. So, at the time of page creation, I had to give it a “name” obviously. But nothing was appealing to me. I wanted to name it very differently. But it should also be relevant to my ideas and thoughts which are to be shared on it. That’s when I learned the importance of naming an Idea or a Start-Up. 

For me “Konvophilia” is no less than a start-up. I treated the process of  creating Konvophilia just like a start-up. It is a serious business to me. I have to be relevant. Not because it is displayed publicly, but also because it reveals my personality, my thoughts on Social Media, my expertise, my ideas. I have to be a responsible person for what I am sharing, posting, tagging, liking, commenting or following. I think being a Page Manager gives you the feel of being an Owner of your space. And so I treated Konvophilia as my first Start-Up. 

Coming back to the Name – Konvophilia, many have asked me why this name? Konvophilia is actually a term I coined for my self. As my initials are KP (Khushbu Pandya), I wanted to name my page not anything but only by a single word having both these letters and that too ‘K’ being the starting alphabet. Well, the start-up is all about Social Media. The things that would be appearing on it are related to this new media, its importance, relevance of conversations, studying social relationships, impact of conversations on various businesses and professionals, importance of eWOM (e-Word Of Mouth), etc. 

Hence, keeping in mind these parameters, the first word is “Konvo” which is derived from “Conversation”. The short word for ‘Conversation’ is Convo and as I wanted my word to start with alphabet ‘K’, it turned out to be “Konvo”. The second adjoining word is “Philia”, which is one of the four ancient greek word for Love. It is also translated as Friendship according to Aristotle. So, the combination of both words “Konvo-Philia”, whose meaning turns out to be “Love for Conversations” appealed to me a lot, because it very well defines my ideas, thoughts and perspectives. 

Another important thing to be done after that was to give it a visible face. No one would like an empty profile picture space. Profiles without identity catches the least interest of people. Seoyeon Hong, a doctoral student, conducted the research along with Kevin Wise, an associate professor at the University of Missouri School of Journalism and other doctoral students. This study found out many truths about the importance of Profile Image of a Facebook Profile, whether it is a page, group or a person. I had a plan of creating unique logo for my page, but as I wanted to go online as soon as possible, during initial times, the image for profile was taken from internet. Below is the image. 

This image suited quite well to the name and image of my start-up. Those times, there were no cover images for pages. The night of Feb 29 2012, there were news that Cover Pages are going to be introduced on midnight of 29th Feb and from March 1 2012, every Facebook page will have a cover page section introduced. That night, I created a Cover page for Konvophilia as well and introduced it that midnight. 

Again, came a time, when it felt compelling to change a customized profile image. I, then did some combinations of images in Paint and Photoshop to come out with proper icon. The below image was then created. 
Time to change has arrived again. Because creative minds never sleeps. “Konvophilia” is going under a massive change right now. and soon it will be published. The “New Konvophilia” is more organized. As soon as it is revealed, I will write more about it in detail.  
This was the Story of Konvophilia – my first start-up. And now, Konvophilia is also a new name for my blog. I think, I am completely into my this project, making it better and better every time. 

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