Weave Model



Let’s have some questions answered, before you read about WEAVE Model:

  • Have you been using social media for your business?
  • What exactly means to be a Social Business ?
  • You have a social media presence on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.. BUT are uncertain how it can really be beneficial to your business?
  • Do you feel like you are not getting enough from these channels?
  • Do you wish to have a strong strategy that can help you with achieving your social media goals?

If you are positive in most of the questions, then its the RIGHT time to step up and act upon it!

WEAVE model is an exciting new book by Khushbu Pandya that shows you how to better connect and engage with your audience and business stakeholders through weaving up a Social Business. Right from the fundamentals of the nature of social media, WEAVE Model answers all the above questions and many more. WEAVE Model provides a framework that helps create a social media strategy in line with your other business strategies.

The word WEAVE itself represents the five-letter strategy list consisting of:

W for word of mouth;

E for engage and empower relations;

A for authenticity and transparency;

V for value and trust;

E for emotional connect

These five basic principles are explained with great clarity. WEAVE model helps you learn:

  • How to attain each WEAVE principle?
  • How to use WEAVE principles to create a Social Business?
  • How to integrate them with other business strategies?
  • How to achieve success with WEAVE Model?
  • What are the measurement metrics that one should look out for?

WEAVE Model is a Global Strategy for weaving Social Media into Your Business and it can be used by everyone no matter where you are operating your business – local, national or international market; what industry you belong and how small or large business you have. IT IS FOR EVERY BUSINESS!

The Author has done an extensive research in this area and she holds a Ph.D. degree in Social Media Management. This book is the result of her experiences with corporate world and business leaders; hence, it contains tried and tested tips and strategies.

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